Sunday, November 20, 2011


Welcome ladies, (and gents, if this is the kind of stuff that tickles your fancy, no judgement here) to my blog. Never mind the fact that I should be studying for an impending calculus exam, or that my parents sternly disapprove of my obsession with clothes (don't worry, they haven't cut me off yet), I've decided to perpetuate it with a blog-tastic new hobby.

I reside in NYC. I have a twin sister. Put two and two together. twonyminutes.

No, I'm not a corporate lawyer. BUT those ARE a pair of wide-legged, checkered, wool trousers.  Theory trousers
Elbow patches seem to be on everything lately. Good thing, because my weenus* (weenuses?) need some extra warmth in this chilly NY weather. Forever21 sweater

HOORAH FOR LOAFERS! They make such wonderful companions when trekking through the concrete jungle. Gap Loafers

Rimmel black satin nail polish, Ralph Lauren sunnies, thrifted belt, thrifted necklace, Fendi watch

*weenus (n): the wrinkly skin on one's elbow. no relation to any phallic rhyming words. 

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